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Von Schweikert Audio is proud to present the reference Endeavor E-5 loudspeaker system. Featuring the latest innovations in audio technology, the Endeavor E-5 is the most advanced, yet affordable, speaker system on the market today.

The design philosophy for this model was to take all of the winning characteristics of the highly successful Endeavor E-3 and enhance them with a greater parts budget.

Cellular Matrix Cabinet Construction: A resin-impregnated, fibrous composite is used to construct the Endeavor E-5 cabinets. This composite is structurally superior to any other material currently in use, boasting a greater compressive strength than concrete and a tensile strength-to-weight ratio comparable to steel and several times stronger than aluminum. The secret is in the dense, fibrous cellulose that makes up the compound. This creates a semi-porous matrix so that when resin is added and the pieces overlaid together which results in a tremendously strong yet lightweight material. We have found no other cabinet material that can compare in strength, density, and versatility.

Beryllium Dome Tweeter: Scanspeak of Denmark’s top-of-the-line treble unit with proprietary damping and surround makes for the most invisible tweeter we have heard.

Kevlar-Cone Midrange: High performance midrange units with Faraday ring voice coil; phase plug provides linear response and low distortion Anodized`

Aluminum-Cone Woofers: Double stacked magnets provide fast transient response and great dynamics. Faraday ring-type voice coil, cooled with aluminum phase plugs and vented motors for low distortion.

“ I felt these speakers could play anything musically no matter what you threw at them — classical, house, top 40s, intimate jazz.“ – Audiophilia

As with its predecessor, the Endeavor E-5 strives to deliver top-class depth, image focus, and dimensionality across a broad spectrum of recordings and listening environments. A chameleon speaker meant to disappear; leaving nothing standing between you and the ultimate listening experience.

„…remarkably cheap in the ultra large speaker category, and has the finesse to approach the capabilities of the big boys.“ – The Absolute Sound

In the case of the Endeavor E-5 loudspeaker, high-performance sound is attatinible. We work hard to find new ways to deliver world-class sound at a reasonable price point. Few speakers we produce embodies this philosophy as well as the Endeavor E-5. But don’t take our word for it, you just need to hear this system to believe.